Landlords can boost rental property desirability

Research has revealed that landlords can boost their rental property’s desirability by installing a modern kitchen, according to estate agents.

The survey also reveals that a back garden and off-street parking are also highly influencing factors in tenants choosing a property.

The results of the survey also mirror the needs of home buyers too.

When questioned, 28% of potential tenants said a modern kitchen would be attractive, while 23% said that off-street parking or a driveway would be their choice.

Another 17% opted for an open plan diner/kitchen and 40% said they wanted a back garden.

The survey was undertaken by OnTheMarket, a property portal, and those looking for a modern kitchen were found mainly in the South East.

Tenants inspired by culinary TV shows

Estate agent Martin Flashman said: “The kitchen has always had a central role in the British home but its popularity has increased with tenants and buyers, in part, by culinary TV programmes.”

He said that more people are now looking to spend quality time in their kitchen, and families now bake and cook together and enjoy being ‘foodies’.

The survey also find that tenants and homebuyers wanting off-street parking was not just confined to those looking for property in cities.

With a growing number of families owning at least two cars, off-street parking is a must for many with those in rural areas also wanting the facility.

Landlords urge councils not to block new home building

Meanwhile, the Residential Landlords’ Association (RLA) is calling on local councils not to block a government move to create new homes without planning permission.

The move follows a measure that was brought in by government ministers in May 2013 that made it easier to convert empty redundant office space into new homes.

The policy will expire next May and it is believe that the government will make the policy a permanent rule.

However, recent news reports have revealed that many local authorities are looking to safeguard office space and prevent their conversion into homes when they fall empty.

Landlords have a good record for delivering housing

David Smith, the RLA’s policy director, said: “Landlords have a good record for delivering the housing that we need as a country and will provide 25% of all households in the UK by 2025.

“It’s vital that planners do not put obstacles unnecessarily in the way of landlords wanting to meet this demand.”

He said that councils should take the opportunity of showing they can be ‘willing partners’ in helping to deliver the homes that their communities need.


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