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Luton votes in licensing for all HMOs

Luton councillors are accused of running a sham house in multiple occupation (HMO) consultation and failing to answer the concerns of critics.

HMO decision changes mandatory licensing rules

A landmark High Court case has changed the way the numbers of storeys in a block are counted to determine if the property is a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

Landlords protest at HMO licensing plans

Landlord pressure group Say No to Article 4 is campaigning against plans to tighten up controls on shared housing in Worcester.

Buy to let licensing plan faces legal challenge

Landlords in Northampton are threatening to take legal action against a council licensing scheme for buy-to-lets and shared houses.

100 buy to let homes raided by council hit squads

Enforcement squads and police have blitzed 100 rogue landlords in a week in a tough crackdown on an ambitious licensing scheme for 35,000 buy to lets.

Third HMO licensing fine for rogue letting agent

Letting agent Mohammed Khubaib has to pay fines and costs of more than £4,000 after facing magistrates for the third time for running a shared house without a licence.

Liverpool to licence all private rented homes

Liverpool City Council has stepped up as the second local authority seeking to licence all private landlords and rental properties in the city.