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A tenancy will last an average of 18 months

The average tenancy will, according to a new survey, last for an average of 18 months. Direct Line for Business says that tenants today are increasingly taking a short-term view when it comes to renting property. Their findings appear to contradict previous research which pointed to tenancies becoming longer. However, Direct Line says that tenants in Birmingham are staying in their private rented home for two years and four months, on average, which gives landlords the smallest tenant turnover in the country. The smallest tenant turnover is London   Surprisingly, the next location with the smallest tenant turnover is London where landlords have tenants remaining in the property for one year and nine months, on average. Next on the list is Leicester where tenants stay for one year and eight months, and tenancies in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Liverpool last an average of one year seven months. The greatest turnover of tenants can be found in Cardiff where landlords have tenants remaining in the same rented property for just 11 months, in Leeds tenants remain for 12 months and in Bristol tenants remain in their home for 14 months. Typical annual void period is 22 days for buy to let landlords […]

How to Screen & Select Stellar Tenants

The relationship between tenants and landlords isn’t always a whirlwind romance. Often, it begins with a blind date that turns into an “I don’t, maybe I should see him again” situation. Landlords have a lot to deal with when finding and renting their property. From landlord’s property insurance to finding and screening tenants, it seems like their work is never done. Before you decide to accept an application for your property, we have a bit of landlord advice to throw in your direction: screen them! While landlord action offers you some protection, preventative care is the best route to take. Here’s how to professionally screen and select tenants for your property. Conduct background checks   While they are time-consuming, background checks save you significant heartache. Many landlords pass the costs of background checks off to tenants, and if you choose to go this route you won’t have to worry about extra expenditures. Whatever way you go about it, don’t skimp on having one done. Familiarize yourself with local landlord laws   Besides landlords property insurance, you’ll also want to get informed on local laws regarding breaks in the lease, what your rights are as a landlord, and your responsibilities. Do […]