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Extent of Subletting Without Permission Revealed

The level of subletting by tenants in private rented property without the landlord’s permission has been revealed and it will come as a surprise for many. Research has revealed that one in six tenants have rented out all, or part, of their rented property to someone who was not named on the lease. Of those who did, one in four tenants said they had not checked the terms of the tenancy to see if subletting was permitted. Another 34% of tenants said they had not told their landlord of their decision to sublet. The research was carried out by Direct Line for Business and the firm’s Nick Breton said: “With the average rent standing at £739, a third of a tenant’s income is paying for their accommodation. “Rents grew by 5% on average last year and it seems that a growing number of tenants are looking to offset this by subletting.” Big increase in the number of tenants looking to sublet their homes   Now Direct Line for Business is warning that 2016 could see a big increase in the number of tenants looking to sublet their homes. Their research has revealed that 15% of those questioned said they were […]

Letting agents say rent rises are falling

Letting agents from around the UK are reporting that the rate of rental increases is beginning to fall for the first time in 2015, according to research. The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) is also saying that following a surge in supply of rental property in July, accommodation has fallen to June levels. On average, ARLA members had 178 rental properties on their books in August, a fall from 189 recorded in July. Despite this fall, the number of tenants registering with letting agents rose in August, up to 36 from the 35 average recorded in July. However, just one in three letting agents said they had seen rent increases in August. Landlords had increased rents in August   Of all the regions, 40% of agents in the south-west said landlords had increased rents in August compared with just 12% of letting agents in the north-west. Letting agents in Wales said that rents have increased for 36% of them. Tenants looking for rental property London are also struggling to find suitable homes with the number available for renting continuing to fall. Of the London-based letting agents, the average number of registered properties is 110, a fall from July’s figure […]

Landlords warned that fake passport use is on the rise

Landlords and letting agents in the UK are being warned that potential tenants are increasingly using fake passports to gain tenancy of properties, according to Keysafe Tenant Vetting. The firm says that the number of incidents it is seeing with prospective tenants offering false documentation has soared. Keysafe’s managing director, Gareth Fowler, said that the use of fake passports only occurred once or twice every month last year but now they are seeing fake passports used on a daily basis. Part of the reason for the increase is that agents and landlords need to conduct Right to Rent checks on their tenants under the Immigration Act 2014. Let a property to someone using fake documents   Failure to comply with the law could see letting agents and landlords being fined or facing a prison sentence if it is found they have let a property to someone using fake documents. However, Mr Fowler says the biggest cause for concern is that there has been a massive rise in the number of fake UK passports being used. He points out that it’s not just at the lower end of the rental market that people are using fake British passports but also at […]

New letting agent law won’t protect landlord cash

The new law requiring letting agents to sign up with an ombudsman scheme for handling complaints offers no financial protection for landlords, warns the British Property Federation (BPF).

Minister reins in rogue letting agents with redress scheme

Housing minister Mark Prisk is backing the first step to regulate rogue letting agents with a new last-minute law.

Landlords have more deposit protection choice

Landlords have more choice over how to safeguard tenant deposits after changes in the market at the start of April 2013.

Has Rightmove got letting fees disclaimer wrong?

Popular property website Rightmove has added disclaimers to all home rental adverts after letting agents were carpeted by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Letting agent complaints overwhelm ombudsman

Complaints about letting agents have soared in the past year, according to figures from The Property Ombudsman.

Letting agent gambles away £12,000 tenant deposits

A Plymouth estate agent has admitted that he gambled away £12,000 that tenants had given as deposits on properties.

Third HMO licensing fine for rogue letting agent

Letting agent Mohammed Khubaib has to pay fines and costs of more than £4,000 after facing magistrates for the third time for running a shared house without a licence.