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Landlords warned that fake passport use is on the rise

Landlords and letting agents in the UK are being warned that potential tenants are increasingly using fake passports to gain tenancy of properties, according to Keysafe Tenant Vetting. The firm says that the number of incidents it is seeing with prospective tenants offering false documentation has soared. Keysafe’s managing director, Gareth Fowler, said that the use of fake passports only occurred once or twice every month last year but now they are seeing fake passports used on a daily basis. Part of the reason for the increase is that agents and landlords need to conduct Right to Rent checks on their tenants under the Immigration Act 2014. Let a property to someone using fake documents   Failure to comply with the law could see letting agents and landlords being fined or facing a prison sentence if it is found they have let a property to someone using fake documents. However, Mr Fowler says the biggest cause for concern is that there has been a massive rise in the number of fake UK passports being used. He points out that it’s not just at the lower end of the rental market that people are using fake British passports but also at […]

Property fraud hotline set up by Land Registry

The Land Registry has launched a dedicated phone line to help tackle mortgage crime and home ownership fraud.

Land banking scam shut by High Court

Land banking scammers who conned thousands of pounds out of investors have been closed down by the High Court.

Landlord mortgage fraud jumps 40% in a year

Landlords secretly letting out their former homes without telling their mortgage lender the property is a buy-to-let are fraudsters, alleges a new report.

Letting agent gambles away £12,000 tenant deposits

A Plymouth estate agent has admitted that he gambled away £12,000 that tenants had given as deposits on properties.

Letting agent flies in nearly a year after running from jail

Disgraced letting agent Ryan Lee has given himself up to police after spending almost a year on the run after taking money from landlords who entrusted him with their business.

Letting agent jailed for £210,000 fraud

Letting agent Keith Ranson stole more than £210,000 from landlords and tenants to fuel a lavish lifestyle.

Case dropped against fraud case letting agents

A family of letting agents have who denied a joint fraud charge have escaped prosecution after repaying landlords cash that allegedly went missing when they closed for business.

BMV property scam alert for landlords

Private landlords are urged to steer clear of fraudsters touting below-market-value property deals.