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England’s landlords will have to evict illegal immigrants

In a controversial move, the Government has announced that it expects landlords in England to evict illegal immigrants from their properties. It is part of a new draft of measures to clampdown on illegal migration and the tenancy can be brought to an end without a court order. This will happen when the asylum request has failed. In addition, before agreeing a lease to a tenant, the landlord will be required to check their immigration status. Those landlords who repeatedly failed to do this effectively can face five years in prison as a result. Landlords will be informed that an asylum application has failed   The moves are to be detailed in the Immigration Bill and landlords will be informed by the Home Office that an asylum application has failed and that the tenant no longer has a right to live in a rental property. Among the critics of the move is regional operations manager Fran Mulhall of GFW Letting who says that landlords are facing an extra financial burden of having to carry out checks the government should be doing. In addition, landlords are also facing extra costs to evict and creating a potential rental void period – in […]

Illegal eviction warning to landlords

Landlords  must follow eviction procedures when they want a tenant to leave  and should not take matters in to their own hands.

Scottish Government moves to protect tenants from eviction

The Scottish Parliament has approved amendments to the Housing Scotland Act (2010) which will require social landlords such as housing associations and local authorities, to undertake a series of actions before they can refer a tenant to court for eviction action. Under the amended legislation, social landlords will have to go through a series of seven key actions before removing a tenant. This includes offering tenants advice on housing benefit and making reasonable efforts to agree a repayment plan for rent arrears, before they can approach the courts. Tenants will also be better protected when taken to court also. Even after court action, social tenants will have the right to make a repayment arrangement and avoid eviction. Housing charity Shelter Scotland welcomed the new move and claimed that far too often social landlords have used the threat of eviction to collect rent from vulnerable families. According to Shelter Scotland, councils carried out 1,061 evictions in the 2010-11 financial year, with other social landlords evicting 761 tenants. Shelter director Graeme Brown said: “From today, social tenants will be afforded the same protection as homeowners, which, at a time when cuts are hitting home and more people are struggling with household budgets, […]