Landlords are ‘helpful and fair’ say tenants

It may go against what many people believe, but a survey has revealed that most tenants believe their landlords are helpful and fair.

The research was conducted by AXA Business Insurance which found little evidence to support stereotypes but that landlords could improve security and safety of their properties.

Indeed, the research has revealed that there is a respectful relationship between a tenant and landlord with 59% saying their rent was a fair price.

The survey also reveals that 48% of tenants said their relationship with their landlord was very good or good.

Just 6% of tenants described their relationship as being very bad or bad with their landlord.

Acts of kindness and goodwill from landlords

The survey also highlighted that there were frequent acts of kindness and goodwill between landlord and the tenant. Of those questioned, 28% said their landlord had done something that was considered ‘nice’.

However, a worrying 43% of landlords have not carried out their annual gas safety check and 54% had not installed a fire alarm and 71% did not have a carbon monoxide alarm.

The survey also flagged up that 68% had not organised an electrical safety inspection.

When it came to improving security, 74% of rental properties do not have locks on external windows and 78% of properties did not have spyholes or chains on their door.

Despite this, tenants are generally positive about their landlord with 30% saying the property owner was fair and 23% saying they were helpful.

‘There’s a lot of goodwill between tenants and landlords’

AXA Business Insurance’s managing director, Darrell Sansom, said: “The negative stereotypes of landlords are few and there’s a lot of goodwill between tenants and landlords. “With more people slipping in to becoming landlords, it would appear that most have good intentions and a positive approach but many are unaware of their safety responsibilities.”

He added that landlords need to know they have a duty of care and legal responsibilities for fire, gas and electrical safety of their property.

Landlords warned about improving EPC ratings

Meanwhile, a leading letting agent is urging landlords to act now to improve the energy efficiency of their rental properties.

Belvoir says that it is crucial that landlords plan and budget appropriately for the legal changes that are coming next year.

The firm’s director of commercial, Dorian Gonsalves, said: “Energy performance certificates will come into force next April and will be in forcible from April 2018.

“Landlords who take action now will have time on their side can schedule the costs and works accordingly.”


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