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Tenants take just 60 seconds to choose a rental property

A tenant will take just 60 seconds to decide whether a rental property is for them, according to research. More impressively, 7% of surveyed tenants said they made the decision to move into their rental home after just 10 seconds. The findings from Rentify show that around 63% of people viewing a rental property will make their decision to move in while 2% need more than five minutes to make a decision. The most attractive feature for a potential rental property is the kitchen for 30% of tenants, followed by a large main bedroom with 28% of tenants saying this would help sway their decision. However, one in five potential tenants say a large living room is what they look for when renting a property. Finding the right rental property   The chief executive of Rentify, George Spencer, said: “Finding the right rental property for many is important but it’s also important that tenants do not rush into making a decision. “Lettings agents can sometimes disguise a flaw to make a deal so it’s worth taking longer to learn every about the property before deciding.” The research also reveals that the bathroom is important to 10% of tenants and just […]

Landlords can boost rental property desirability

Research has revealed that landlords can boost their rental property’s desirability by installing a modern kitchen, according to estate agents. The survey also reveals that a back garden and off-street parking are also highly influencing factors in tenants choosing a property. The results of the survey also mirror the needs of home buyers too. When questioned, 28% of potential tenants said a modern kitchen would be attractive, while 23% said that off-street parking or a driveway would be their choice. Another 17% opted for an open plan diner/kitchen and 40% said they wanted a back garden. The survey was undertaken by OnTheMarket, a property portal, and those looking for a modern kitchen were found mainly in the South East. Tenants inspired by culinary TV shows   Estate agent Martin Flashman said: “The kitchen has always had a central role in the British home but its popularity has increased with tenants and buyers, in part, by culinary TV programmes.” He said that more people are now looking to spend quality time in their kitchen, and families now bake and cook together and enjoy being ‘foodies’. The survey also find that tenants and homebuyers wanting off-street parking was not just confined to […]

Property fraud hotline set up by Land Registry

The Land Registry has launched a dedicated phone line to help tackle mortgage crime and home ownership fraud.

Mansion tax door closed for good

The mansion tax and any similar valuation-based property taxed has been consigned to the Whitehall dustbin for good, said Chancellor George Osborne in his Autumn Statement.