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England’s landlords will have to evict illegal immigrants

In a controversial move, the Government has announced that it expects landlords in England to evict illegal immigrants from their properties. It is part of a new draft of measures to clampdown on illegal migration and the tenancy can be brought to an end without a court order. This will […]

Minister reins in rogue letting agents with redress scheme

Housing minister Mark Prisk is backing the first step to regulate rogue letting agents with a new last-minute law.

100 buy to let homes raided by council hit squads

Enforcement squads and police have blitzed 100 rogue landlords in a week in a tough crackdown on an ambitious licensing scheme for 35,000 buy to lets.

Letting agent complaints overwhelm ombudsman

Complaints about letting agents have soared in the past year, according to figures from The Property Ombudsman.

MPs to look in to buy to let regulation

New housing minister Mark Prisk has decided to override the policy of his predecessor to order MPs to conduct an inquiry in to buy to let housing.