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Rents and yields set to rise for student landlords

Student landlords can expect to see rents and yields rise over the coming months as demand for beds outstrips supply.

Student housing code sweeps nation

The UK’s first accreditation scheme for student landlords has been hailed as a success one year on.

Town may go broke if university relocates

Landlords are reeling from news that £90 million could be earmarked to close a university campus and shift 16 miles away to a new purpose built site.

Student hall fees double in a decade

The cost of living in student halls has doubled in a decade and is threatening to price some students out of a university education.

Growth in Student Lets

September will see the new university and college terms begin and with it increased demand for student rental accommodation. As thousands of students prepare to leave home and begin a new chapter in their lives, the take-up on rental property in August is set to rise. Many professional landlords view student lettings as an important investment choice and look forward to seeing their properties fill-up at this time of the year. Feedback from landlords confirms that they are preparing themselves for a profitable period ahead. Research from a mortgage company reported this week that over three quarters of landlords have experienced healthy demand from students so far, this August. The statistics have revealed that the majority of landlords also feel confident about the student rental sector. It was feared that the introduction of student fees would impact the rental market and landlords expressed a worry that many more students might stay at home. However, it seems that changes to student fees will not impact on the demand for student lets. In the same study, over 70% of landlords said that they found student tenants good or excellent with paying rent on time, with more than half commending their tenants’ behaviour. […]