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Green Deal spend revealed for landlords

Just how much landlords can expect to spend on upgrading rental homes to meet energy efficiency rules under the Green Deal has been revealed by energy experts.

Green Deal ready to go for landlords

Get ready for the Green Deal for landlords – the long-awaited incentive to improve the energy efficiency of rented homes at the cost of the tenant.


Traditionally within the private rented sector a landlord would fit the bill for any energy efficiency improvements carried out within or on the property. It is the tenants however that go on to make the savings from the reduced energy bills. The Green Deal scheme is working to bridge this gap and under the Green Deal a landlord will be able to make energy efficiency improvements to their property with no upfront costs to themselves. The repayments are made from the resulting savings on the tenant’s energy bills. Thus allowing the tenant to benefit from an energy efficient home and ensuring that Green Deal energy saving repayments do not negatively impact the tenant or landlord. The Energy Act 2011 has been put into place to enable the Government to help with ensuring an uptake of cost effective energy efficiency improvements particularly within the Private Rented Sector. This means that the Government will work with and actively encourage the PRS to implement Green Deal energy saving measures through the flagship Green Deal scheme. Two key points of the Energy Act 2011 follow: 1. As from April 2016, and where financial support is available, such as the Green Deal and or the Energy […]