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Legal advice for landlords – whether large or small

When it comes to legal advice for landlords, it’s important that you seek experts in the subject, regardless of whether you have a single property or a portfolio of rental homes. That’s because making a legal mistake can be an expensive undertaking and you will need to be properly repaired, […]

The landlord deposit rules explained

It’s a situation that still causes confusion and some landlords are ignorant of their legal duties which is why the landlord deposit rules need to be explained to avoid breaking the law – and being left with a hefty financial fine. Firstly, this article explains English law and the situation […]

Landlords urged to check their tenancies are ‘compliant’

Landlords are being urged to check that their tenancy agreements are legally compliant after an investigation revealed that one in 10 landlords do not have any form of legal contract with their tenants whatsoever. The findings come from insurance firm Direct Line for Business who say that landlords may be […]

What You Need to Know About Your Landlord Deposit & Landlord Action

Landlords have to handle a good deal of challenges throughout their business. From problem tenants to securing deposits for legal purposes, the challenges are aplenty. This means that you might need help if you’re a landlord. For example, landlord action enables you to remove problem tenants, while landlord deposit ensures […]