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Landlord confidence tumbles in the UK

Up to 500,000 buy to let properties could be sold as investors’ confidence tumbles and they leave the market this year. That’s the prediction from the National Landlords’ Association (NLA) who say that confidence among the UK’s landlords is at its lowest since the banking crisis. The NLA points out […]

Most tenants say they are happy with their landlord

When asked if they are happy with their landlord, 80% of tenants told researchers that they were. In the survey undertaken by Paragon Mortgages, the tenants also revealed their fears that their landlord may end their tenancy for nearly half of them much sooner than their agreement runs for. Three […]

Are landlords in the UK ethical?

With so much publicity in recent months about the activities of rogue landlords around the UK, Saga Home Insurance decided to find out whether the UK’s landlords are ethical. Their findings will not come as a surprise to the majority of landlords with rental properties since most tenants (77%) said […]

Tenants take just 60 seconds to choose a rental property

A tenant will take just 60 seconds to decide whether a rental property is for them, according to research. More impressively, 7% of surveyed tenants said they made the decision to move into their rental home after just 10 seconds. The findings from Rentify show that around 63% of people […]

Landlords are ‘helpful and fair’ say tenants

It may go against what many people believe, but a survey has revealed that most tenants believe their landlords are helpful and fair. The research was conducted by AXA Business Insurance which found little evidence to support stereotypes but that landlords could improve security and safety of their properties. Indeed, […]

Seven tips on spotting a troublesome tenant

Every landlord gets lumbered with a troublesome tenant at some point, but is there a magic formula to cut the risk?

Licence v lease – Which is best?

Choosing the right rental agreement is crucial for landlords as getting it wrong can give the tenant more rights over the property than intended.

Buy to let doubles in 10 years

The number of people privately renting a home has nearly doubled in the past decade, according to the latest government census data.

Who rules the roost at a buy to let?

Most people think their home is their castle – and what they say about their property goes, but this is not necessarily the case between landlords and tenants.

Odd things tenants want from landlords

Landlords and letting agents are used to running around to deal with odd requests from tenants, but some just fail to understand that property professionals are not their servants.