Odd things tenants want from landlords

Landlords and letting agents are used to running around to deal with odd requests from tenants, but some just fail to understand that property professionals are not their servants.

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Oxfordshire letting agents Finders Keepers have drawn up a list of their favourite top 10 cheeky calls from tenants.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • One couple renting a buy to let home asked for a rent discount for the time they were away from the home on holiday as they could not use the facilities
  • A forgetful tenant was stuck at an airport after forgetting their passport – so called to ask if someone could go around to their home, find the passport and courier it to the airport
  • An embarrassed tenant was out but had left his computer on, with a dating web site on the screen – he asked for someone to pop round to switch it off so she would not find out he was looking for another partner
  • One women really liked the curtains in her home, so much so, she asked if she could make them in to a party dress
  • A tenant wanted a pest controller to call to deal with a ladybird infestation – he had seen six of them
  • Another holiday theme – this time the tenant was overseas and had run out of medication. He asked if the letting agent could the prescription filled and the medication sent over for him
  • One tenant wanted the landlord to clear the drive after a heavy snow fall
  • Another forgetful tenant checked whether the landlord or letting agent knew his bank PIN number
  • A baffling request demanding the size of the stones on the drive of a buy to let home came from one tenantA hungry tenant called asking how to cook spaghetti

Dan Channer, the firm’s commercial director, said: “We try to keep all our tenants and landlords happy, but unfortunately, we can’t meet every request. I guess it is a testament to our efforts that tenants feel they can ask the extraordinary of us.”


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