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Serious rent arrears in decline

Landlords around the UK are seeing the number of tenants who are in serious rent arrears beginning to fall, according to a tenant arrears tracker. The data from estate agents Your Move and Reeds Rains reveals that in the fourth quarter of last year, around 1,500 tenants moved out of […]

Rent arrears hit a two-year high

The number of tenants in the UK’s rental properties with severe rent arrears has reached a two year high, according to a new report. In the Tenant Arrears Tracker, which is put together by Your Move and Reeds Rains, found that there are more than 74,000 tenants who owe more […]

Rents rocket in four years by 18%

The cost of renting a home in the UK is rocketing with prices up by a fifth in London since 2011, according to new figures. Tenants in London have seen their rents grow at twice the national average and rents are now rising at their fastest for two years. The […]

Serious rent arrears increase for landlords

Buy to let landlords have had more tenants struggling with serious rent arrears in the past three months, according to a new report from a rent debt firm.

Landlords’ eviction problems to rocket

A key housing body has warned private landlords to prepare for a rise in evictions following changes to housing benefit later this year.

Rent arrears fall after a year of increases

Private landlords are seeing the number of tenants with severe rent arrears fall for the first time in a year.

Unexpected bills pile up for landlords

Unexpected expenses cost the average buy to let landlord £1,500 in unplanned business costs, according to a new study.

99,000 buy to let tenants in serious rent arrears

The number of tenants in more than two months arrears to private landlords was up 1.6% to 99,000 in three months ending September.