How winter preparations can save landlords from a potential nightmare

Making sure that checks on boilers and heating systems before winter can help save landlords from a potential nightmare. Total Landlord Insurance advises that, although this might be an extra cost in the near-term, it will ensure that expensive repairs are not needed later on.

Despite the sometimes high costs involved, it is good practice for landlords to have their boilers and heating system checked in the run-up to the winter period.

Most landlords will make sure that their heating systems are regularly checked on a yearly basis, along with their regular property inspections, but in the run-up to winter it is even more important that checks are made.

Furthermore, landlords should consider taking out a home emergency insurance product to help cover the cost of repairs if something does go wrong.

This will give both the tenant and landlord peace of mind, knowing that should the heating or boiler breakdown during a cold period, everything is covered and faults will be fixed quickly.

If a landlord does not take out such cover, they could find themselves needing to access a costly engineer to work over the Christmas period at short notice.

Advance preparation for the winter months can save landlords a potential nightmare if it all goes wrong, as the lack of use over the summer months could mean that problems have arisen without the property owner realising.

There is nothing worse than switching on your heating system when the weather turns cold, only to find there is something not working.


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