Avoid property damage this winter by checking pipes

Landlords should always make sure their property has the right insurance in place to provide financial protection should the worst happen, although there are certain steps that can be taken to avoid having to make claims this winter.

This week we are set to have a drop in temperature that will leave most of the UK in sub-zero conditions and blankets of snow falling across the country. It is with this in mind that we support such initiatives as the governments Get Ready for Winter campaign, which urges all property owners to prepare for the colder weather.

One of the biggest threats to property during the winter months comes from burst pipes. Eddie Hooker, CEO of Total Landlord Insurance warns:

“The cost of water damage during December has seen a worrying trend upwards in recent years as the winters continue to be particularly harsh.” “Landlords should use all the preventative measures they can to reduce the risk of this happening, to help insure a there are no problems throughout the Christmas period, particularly when many tenants are away from the property”.

There are a number steps landlords and other property owners can take to help prevent damage during winter.

–          Making sure all pipes are well insulated, including those in the loft.

–          If your tenants will be away during the Christmas period, ensure that they leave the heating on above 10 degrees Celsius and to have the property checked at least once a week to avoid any long term damage.

–          Make sure your tenants know where the stop cock is and they know how to use it.

–          Remove unsecured outside furniture during high winds.

Having the boiler serviced before the start of winter is the best preparation to make sure they are in full working order, particularly if it has not been used much over summer.

Even with the best preparation in the world, sometimes a claim cannot be avoided and in a circumstance where a tenant has a burst pipe the most important thing is to isolate the pipe and stop the flow of water as soon as possible to the prevent any further damages.

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