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BTL landlords could be forced out of business

Worries that the tax crackdown on landlords announced in the recent Budget have been proven with a new survey which reveals that one in five landlords believe they will be put out of business within the next two years. The findings come from specialist landlord law firm, Access Legal, who say that their research shows the loss of higher rate tax relief is a financial burden too far for many landlords. The move was announced by the Chancellor George Osborne which means that all landlords can only claim tax relief at the lower rate. The firm says that landlords in the UK lose nearly £10 billion in damage and rent arrears every year and the proposed cuts to tax breaks will put many out of business. Around a third of landlords believe the law is on the side of tenants with nearly half of those renting not able to pay rent arrears even after they have been taken to court to recover the loss. Landlords also complain about ‘extortionate’ up-keeping costs and 75% of those who have invested in buy to let do not believe they can save money with a letting agent. Half of BTL landlords have stopped using […]

Association of Residential Letting Agents

ARLA – the Association of Residential Letting Agents – is probably the largest letting agent organisation in the UK.