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A new way to look at London as a Monopoly board has been put together to show where the cheapest and most expensive apartments are located in the capital.

Knightsbridge, Sloane Square and Green Park are the stations closest to the most expensive property.

While Kings Cross, Mansion House and the Monument are the stations to track down the cheapest apartments.

The map, put together by posh people’s estate agent Wetherell of Mayfair, plots the property prices as tube passengers travel between stations.

In some cases, prices and rents can surge or plummet in the two or three minute tube ride between stations on the same line as the train moves from a prestigious post code in to a less desirable neighbourhood.

“Owning a home next to the right tube station can result in a Londoner benefitting from property gold and riches, while living just a few stops down the line can mean owning a home which is just a third of the value,” said a spokesman.

“Likewise, if you are renting you could live just a few tube stops away from a friend, yet enjoy a rent that is much lower than they pay.”

The map is based on property prices and rents collected over a year for homes sited within 250 metres of 63 tube stations. The stations are all in London Underground’s fare zone one.

The capital’s most expensive properties lie close to the Piccadilly Line, according to the research, with an average two-bed apartment valued at £1.36 million.

The tube journey that costs property owners most is the five stops from Elephant and Castle to Piccadilly Circus.

Prices rise from just £361,300 to £1.03 million, an increase of 186% during the nine minute trip – equal to £74,300 a minute.

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