Landlord in court for third time in a year

Complaints and petitions from neighbours have failed to sway a private landlord to spend money on doing up his properties to meet basic legal standards.

Colin Hooper has paid out thousands of pounds in fines and costs in the past 12 months after Hyndburn Council, Lancashire, has taken him to court three times.

In the latest case, Hooper, of Accrington, was ordered to pay a £600 fine and costs of £886 after being found guilty in his absence for failing to keep a derelict property repaired.

The court heard Hooper ignored a notice by the council ordering him to replace door and windows, pant the exterior and remove rubbish after complaints and a petition from neighbours.

In November 2012, Hooper, a court ordered him to pay more than £6,000 for failing to comply with two other enforcement notices served by the council.

In February 2012, a judge fined Hooper £610 with £1,015 costs after he had failed to comply with another notice ordering repairs at a taxi office.

Deputy council leader and cabinet member for housing, Clare Pritchard said: “We’ve had upset neighbours complaining about this property and we’ve given Hooper plenty of chances to carry out the work and get it sorted. We’ll now give him time to complete the works before further action.

“Properties in disrepair have a negative impact on an area and we’ve always said we would take a hard line on those who let properties fall into disrepair and take them to court where necessary.”

Award nominated landlord ran a brothel

Meanwhile, Birmingham landlord Parminder Janagle, who was short-listed for a prestigious Landlord and Buy-to-Let magazine award as ‘landlord of the year’ in 2009 has admitted running a brothel from one of his flats for a second time.

The case at Birmingham Magistrates Court was adjourned after Janagle was warned he could face jail and should consult a solicitor.

The court was told that when police raided the flat over a shop, they found two couples having sex. In the flat were business records listing clients and money paid for services.


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