Jail Cells to become student lettings

Many people who live in student-centric areas would often like to see their student neighbours in prison, and now it seems it may be a reality.

An organisation in Liverpool has been granted permission to convert the former Main Bridewell Prison in Liverpool’s Cheapside into university accommodation.

The conversion of the Victorian grade 2* listed building was designed by architect Falconer Chester Hall. The building has been vacant for 15 years and has significant heritage value.  It’s hoped that by converting the building it will secure its future.

The refurbishment will see 14 clusters of accommodation created with a total of 106 bedrooms for university students.

Adam Hall, director of Falconer Chester Hall, said: “We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the conversion will not detract from its significance.”

Existing cell doors, stone floors and staircases, plus the painted brick walls and finishes will be retained.

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