Footballer sets up “Buy-to-let School”

Robbie Fowler, the football striker best remembered for his playing days at Liverpool and Manchester City, is setting up a “property academy” RFowlerfor would-be investors. The so-called buy-to-let school plans to teach the secrets of buy-to-let investing and is offering free two-hour workshops on property investing when it opens its doors.

Fowler has found himself in the enviable position of owning a portfolio of properties across the North West, estimated to be worth £28 million.

His property empire, which consists largely of terrace houses, led Manchester City fans to sing “We all live in a Robbie Fowler house” to the tune of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine during his time at the club.

Fowler claims the buy-to-let market is a fantastic opportunity to make money and said: “What the trained investor knows over and above everybody else is that there is money to be made in property.”

You don’t necessarily need the advice of an ex-footballer to start, or expand, your buy-to-let portfolio. Click here for more advice on property tax.

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