61% of landlords want fast-track to council teams

Do you have difficulty in contacting your local authority? Maybe you struggle to reach their housing benefit team? Perhaps you’re trying to resolve tenancy sustainment issues but are bogged down by delays? It seems you’re not alone.

In a recent survey of accredited London landlords difficulties in communicating with local authorities came out as a major problem
london councils for a huge number of private landlords.

61% of landlords in the survey wanted a fast-track connection to housing benefit teams to sort problems quickly and efficiently. More than 30% of landlords surveyed would also like some form of tenant support from councils – professional staff who can mediate and assist with tenancy sustainment.

With local authorities facing ever increasing budget cuts enforced by central government, surely the situation will only get worse.

Private landlords are subjected to the same processes as tenants yet the majority of landlords feel that a fast-track system would not only benefit them but also tenants. The current situation is in no one’s benefit.

A fast-track system to local authority housing teams would not only keep occupancy rates higher, but it would also be helpful to councils looking to partner with local landlords to provide homes for citizens and discharge new homelessness duties.

What has your experience of dealing with a local authority been? Have you had a quick and successful resolution to your problem or has it been a long, agonising wait? Let us know by making a comment now.

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