Best Landlord Insurance Advice for New Landlords

It is essential that new landlords know precisely what they need to be financially and professionally secure. Total landlord insurance has long since provided expert advice to assist individuals in their newfound work as a landlord. Providing landlord insurance advice is what we do, but we also like to answer some common landlord questions to help steer the way towards successful ownership. Consider the following bits of landlord insurance advice to discover a better way to manage your property.

Calculate the Costs

The costs of buying a property is not the only factor to consider. Another important factor is calculating the costs of insuring the unit. Whether you’re purchasing a duplex, a commercial property, or an apartment, it is critical that you calculate the cost of insuring the property before you begin listing it for sale. This is the single best piece of landlord insurance advice anyone will offer you. Start with the costs, and then move forward.

Use Contracts

The internet is full of sample contracts that are available for you to download and use to keep your property safe. Some of the most common landlord questions relate back to contracts, which ones are necessary and which ones aren’t relevant. We provide an array of suggested documents that you should download and use as a landlord. This is done in an effort to guarantee you have access to what you need to be successful.

Determine if you Need Specialty Insurance

Each type of property requires its very own type of insurance. If you think you may need specialty insurance, you could be right. However, you have do your research. Standard homeowner insurance does not cover rental property. Don’t make the mistake of assuming it does. You have to carry specialty insurance to protect your investment and your tenants. Total Landlord Insurance guides you in deciding on the perfect policy.

If you’re in need of Landlord insurance advice, or just a have a few landlord questions you need answered, Total Landlord Insurance might just be a good place to look for guidance.


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