UK Private Rented Sector Grows 47.9%

Rented Sector Grows

It’s been very well understood that high prices, unrealistic deposit requirements and mortgage constraints have made homeownership increasingly unattainable, and now the figure confirms that the expansion of the private rented sector has benefitted from these circumstances.

It looks likely that private landlords will push further to build property portfolios to meet this demand and benefit from the scenario.

The suggestion is that 1.7 million additional privately rented homes will be needed over the next four years to meet demand. And, as a result of growing tenant demand, there is strong motivation for landlords to increase their portfolios and take advantage of the market.

Private landlords are seen as increasingly important in the provision of housing and most report that they have had increased demand this year. In another survey on rental trends, 27% of private landlords said rental income had increased and they feel positive about the state of the UK rental market.

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