Avoiding bad tenants

Strict inspection and dissemination regulations imposed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) limit the availability of full tenant screening credit reports and national criminal record searches to established property management companies. Yet this information could be crucial in helping private landlords ensure they have responsible tenants.

Private landlords could only access such information after undergoing an extensive site inspection and background check. In addition, most tenant screening companies only offered to service private landlords if they agreed to expensive set up fees and high monthly minimums.

For private landlords looking to rent only every 6 months or so, this was an impractical barrier. So a new tenant screening system has come as a welcome to many in the industry.

AccuRental utilizes an innovative applicant-initiated renter screening process that requires the landlord to only enter an applicant’s name and email address. AccuRental then sends the applicant a link to a secured identity verification form where he/she directly consents to the credit and background check. Because the applicant interacts directly with AccuRental, the landlord does not need to submit to a lengthy approval process or site inspection. Instead, once the landlord signs up for a free membership with AccuRental, that landlord can begin screening applicants immediately.

It’s hoped the new system will cut back on debt and lengthy eviction processes by avoiding potentially problem tenants in the first place.

Did you know that you can also protect yourself from rental problems with rent guarantee insurance?

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