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Rents rocket in four years by 18%

The cost of renting a home in the UK is rocketing with prices up by a fifth in London since 2011, according to new figures. Tenants in London have seen their rents grow at twice the national average and rents are now rising at their fastest for two years. The […]

Rent increases planned by two-thirds of landlords

A survey by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has revealed that 65% of landlords questioned are considering increasing their rents as a result of the budget. The findings contradict the government’s case that the changes to the way landlords are taxed will not lead to a rent increase. In his […]

Buy to let rent surveys just don’t add up

The buy to let rent index merry-go-round has seen further movement as three firms have released their latest data.

Average buy to let rents still rising

The average cost of renting a buy to let home was up 2.4% in April 2013 to £793 a month compared with the month before – but landlords several regions saw rents fall.

U-turn over paying housing benefits direct to landlords

A dramatic change to government policy means automatic direct payment of housing benefit to landlords is now allowed.

Top 10 London buy to let hot spots revealed

Southwark offers the best yields in London for buy-to-let investors, a high street bank’s study reveals.

Top 10 seaside towns for buy to let investors

Blackpool is the hottest seaside town for buy-to-let investors, according to a survey by a high street bank.

Serious rent arrears increase for landlords

Buy to let landlords have had more tenants struggling with serious rent arrears in the past three months, according to a new report from a rent debt firm.

Setting rents is easier with new official data

The mystical art of setting competitive rents has just been made a lot easier with new data about private lettings across England going online.

Skint renters take 23 years to save a deposit for a home

Just how much renters need financial help from the government’s Help to Buy mortgage guarantee plans is revealed by new figures that show most would take 23 years to save enough money for a deposit.