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Should landlords let furnished or unfurnished?

Many landlords are unsure of the difference between renting out a furnished and unfurnished home.

Furnished or Unfurnished?

This article originally appeared on LOFT Interiors. Furnishing a property does not absolutely guarantee that you will be able to charge more rent for it. In most cases you will be able to, but the difference is not as much on a monthly basis as you might expect. Having said that, some exclusive properties will almost be required to be furnished to an exceptional standard. As a rule of thumb, tenants usually prefer smaller properties such as one or two bedroom flats to be furnished, whilst larger houses, which attract families who probably already have furniture, are in greater demand when let unfurnished. But you always get exceptions to the norm, and you will eventually be able to find tenants for unfurnished small properties and furnished large properties. Legally there is no difference in the type of tenancy agreement. Unfurnished An unfurnished property will have only the bare minimum. This must normally include carpets or other floor coverings, curtains and white goods such as a fridge and freezer, oven and possibly a washing machine. You won’t get beds, lounge furniture or much else in an unfurnished property apart from the things already mentioned. With an unfurnished property, you will not […]