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Property damage affects “400,000 landlords”

According to the National Landlord’s Association (NLA), around 400,000 landlords have had tenants damage their property in the last year. That’s around 29% of all UK landlords and, the NLA claims, around 120,000 landlords or 8% have had to make an insurance claim as a result. This means that the […]

Landlords urged to carry out checks to avoid bad tenants

The failure by landlords across the UK to carry out basic pre-tenancy checks is leaving them exposed to having some of the country’s worst tenants occupying their property, according to one firm. In research conducted by insurance firm AXA, they found that nearly two-thirds of tenants admitted to breaking their […]

Landlords – Responsibilities and liabilities to tenants

Everyone seems to have some sort of advice to a landlord about responsibilities towards tenants – but just what are they and how do they affect the legal obligations of the job?

Landlord’s guide to damp and condensation

Damp and condensation can lead to serious problems for landlords, damaging properties and potentially affecting the health of tenants.